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oh~ Now that I notice, wait wait.. is my blog turning into a kind of AMO’s appreciation one or..

BUT. I can’t help it, I truly love her aesthetic sense, style, face, style, hair, clothes, style, face, style, FACE ; v; 
And I even had that lucky lovely chance to talk with her for like.. 5-6 seconds ,maybe?
Maybe less, I just held her hands after the concert was finished and I said like: ”Oh I really admire you, your style is great you’re super cute I left some gifts for you I w-” and I’ve been kindly pushed away by some staff people.. 

doing some irrelevant theme changes~

I guess it’s time to start tumblering again, I feel I reallyy abandoned my blog ; w;

and another birthday came and I feel huh, I don’t even know how I feel! 

I will finally reveal what is a great and exciting upcoming event for me!♥
And it will happen in less than a week…. 
I-I will leave for Japan!! ♥(。* 0 *。)♥♡ I’ll stay one month eeeeee I’m so happy! たのしみにしています!

I think I will have a dedicated blog and I’m planning to update it super often with lots of pics and reports of my adventures there~♥ (´∀`p♡q)

Wish me luuuuck! ☆::

sdskdjgaufgasf Maga of Spank! followed me on twitter, I’m an happy girl, bye~

compulsive random tumblering ෆ( ὅ ࿉ ὅ )ෆ

I like it~~

∇ _ ∇ !?!?

Really?? Not only she seems to have made a mold out of my original unicorn creations, now she also uses my own Cute Can Kill pictures cropping out my watermark??

I have this silly habit to forgot to reply to my messages once I read it, I always end up thinking “I’ll reply later” and then I don’t ;;

I think it’s just because I’m on tumblr much less than before, and I’m trying to be on the internet just a few time during the day, but still, I’m silly ヽ( ◍′Д‵)ノ


I’m not going to use internet so much the next week, I’m sorry for not replying to messages yet, I hope I will do it soon!

ciao ciao! ლ(´ ❥ `ლ)☆.。₀:*゚✲゚*:₀。

Don’t reblog the giveaway post please ;;

Tumblr blocked the notes on it so I can’t pick any winner, sadly..

More information over here 

Thank you~ 

aaaaaaah( ;)ਊ;)

Today I think I’ll finish to move the last things from this room, (it was the room where I took lot of pictures that I posted on my blogspot, I had arranged it so dreamy, pastel and lovely sigh sigh ;;) how sad!! ; ਊ ;

Now I’m re-arranging half of my old room (which is very big but it’s a bedroom as well) as an art studio for my work.. 
Because of various reasons this month I still didn’t update the shop, I still have to make lots of things and I feel bad because I think it will take me 2 weeks at least ;; so well, I’m sorry if I told I would have done it earlier~ 

Also! I absolutely need to finish to work for a secret project this weekend and I also still need to ship a lovely package to the dear Pie, and I’m sad it took me all this time to do it ;;
And of course the collabs, and some other things.. aaah I am so inconclusive!
someone give me the power to do everything~~ 

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Seana if you read this, I’ll be back in 8 hours lol, sorry ;;    

 frillypinkdreams said: oh just relax sweetie :D lower those shoulders and focus on one thing at a time :D

I wish I was able ahah!<3

Ohhh you! * 0 * I received your letteeer~♥!!
I’m in love with the drawing, it’s soo cute! ; ;
Thank you so so so much!!<3333