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How many of you ever thought about going trough your own archive, doing a selection of your favourite posts and print them all to cover up an entire wall of your room?

Because I am really really crazy about doing it aaah~ 

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I finally updated my theme once again but now I love it eheh! 

I’m trying to eat as much fat delicious food as I can since 2 days because I planned to start a very strict diet from tomorrow.. So I just ate a lasagna, fried olives filled with meat, chocolate and a toast with jam.. I’m still wondering if this makes any sense, I really don’t know lol image 

(⁎ ́ఊ ̫ఊ̀⁎)♡

Ask me stuff I’m bored♪

I know I know, I’m just a compulsive tumblr reblogger~  

After months I finally get back into blogging yay! ♡ミ

Quick update on my blog!☆⌒(o”o) ♥ ♥

okay maybe, maybe I am satisfied with what I did with the new theme now, I added some other links, too~   

( ͒ ́ඉ .̫ ඉ )uuuh

t-that giveaway is crazy man… ( ♥ ಠ //益//ಠ)!!

It is seriously a big chance aaaah~ ( ͒ ́ඉ .̫ ඉ )(ㆀ* з*)

I think I found the perfect skin yay! Not too messy, pastel and relaxing~   



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I’m still trying to understand if this really cool tumblr skin is too distracting because it’s bright and colorful or not~ I love it though ; v;

my phone crashed and it is being formatted, hopefully it will work again ; 0;

In the meanwhile,


ღ(♥ * ⌣ * ★)ღ

I feel I discovered (with a bit of late, lol) the perfect chat/calling app eee~ 

Really, LINE  is so great! You have lovely and super silly funny emoticons, stickers and emoji, it is really cute and useful!

If you still haven’t downloaded yet, do iiiiit now, it’s super fun I promise!  **
And if you want to chat with me, add me! I’m “Lilacck” there~


I finally have a LINE account!

Add me, I’m Lilacck!~ (人* 3*♥) ★(o°∀°)